Cute, Cuter, Cutest.

20 Nov

CCC: Quilted Vests

CCC: Quilted Vests

Cute: Old Navy Quilted Zip-Front Vest, $34.94
Cuter: J. Crew Factory Quilted Puffer Vest, $98 $78
Cutest: J. Crew Excursion Quilted Down Vest, $120

Out of nowhere this morning I had a hankering for a quilted vest. I cannot explain it, and I won’t try to, so here are the three best options I found. White would be ideal, but with my purple hair, I better go for navy or classic black. The J. Crew vest comes in a “light amethyst” that is to die for. I found a few other options, but I’ve got my eye on an Old Navy one. I’m having dreams of layered button-ups, sweaters, and statement necklaces underneath a warm, cozy vest. Of course, all of these babies have gold hardware. I wouldn’t want them if they didn’t.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales are just around the corner, so…

Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

Happy Halloween!

I love any excuse to dress up. Today, my BFF Trina and I finally won the office costume contest after almost three years of trying. This year our costume was based on an office inside joke, but I wanted to share our pride and joy with you. Here are some previous costumes of ours too, so you’ll know just how many things a tall redhead and a short asian girl can be together:

First, a throwback to our college days (I think this was 2009). We actually weren’t even working together at this time; I just thought I would throw it in since it was cute. We were Angela Kinsey & Karen Filippelli from The Office:

Angela Kinsey & Karen Filippelli

Fast forward to 2011, our first year working together. Our company was so small that it didn’t have a Group category, so our votes were split between us and we didn’t win. Black Swan & White Swan:

Black Swan & White Swan

In 2012, we were Hipster Disney Princesses – Hipster Ariel & Hipster Jasmine:

Hipster Disney Princesses - Ariel & Jasmine

And this year, we went as a devoted woman and her cat. And we took the cake! We won first place for Group, and now all of our efforts feel justified. I bought this awful cat hood/paws thing off Amazon. It shed everywhere. The nose I had custom painted by a lovely seller on Etsy. Pair that with some face paint, fishing line for whiskers, nude lipliner, and a white ensemble, I was the purrfect white kitty. I wasn’t going for cute – I was going for terrifying, actually. Mission accomplished!

Kitty cat

And here we are, in all of our fabulousness, after photos were done: What you know bout us

Hope you guys are having a wonderful Halloween!

October Wishlist

26 Oct

May's October Wishlist

1. I recently cleaned out my stash of toxic nail polish, so I’m looking to re-build. Aila Cosmetics seems like a good place to start. Their Prime Basecoat and Better Than Gel Topcoat have great reviews. The shade PFFF UGGGH is pretty warm grey-taupe that looks similar to All Hail The Queen by Butter London (sans shimmer). Kelly is an orchid pink that I’m itching to try, too.

2. Earlier this month, Ilia released their Sheer Vivid Tinted Moisturizer and my interest is seriously piqued. Face base? I’m in. I’m still searching for a good TM that I like. I’m willing to give it a try, even with Dimethicone being one of the ingredients. It’s #14 on the list so I’m hoping that it won’t clog my pores.

3. Lily Lolo is slaying me with these eye palettes! I’m usually drawn to neutrals, making my attraction to the Laid Bare palette make perfect sense, but the colors in Enchanted palette are speaking to me. I’d love to add some of those fun shades to my collection. I can’t even choose between the two; I need them both.

4. This Victoria’s Secret Leather Moto Jacket is making my life right now. I really miss having a moto jacket. They seriously go with everything. I outgrew my last moto and had to get rid of it. Ever since then, I’ve been searching for one with gold hardware. I didn’t know how hard it would be to find the perfect one, but I think this might be it! Because it’s leather, it would last me a really long time. Droool.

5. I’m impressed with the many glowing reviews I’ve read about Yuli’s Cocoon Elixer. Calms skin stress, irritation and inflammation? Sign me up! My skin is never not stressed. I just finished my ED4OLO Vitamin D Mist, but I’m super tempted to try Yuli based on online reviews. In the mean time, I’m using my trusty George’s Aloe until I can pull the trigger on this guy. Since it’s a little pricey, I may opt for a trial size first!

6. Finding a green and natural mattifying primer without silicones has proven to be a difficult task thus far. My t-zone gets crazy oily throughout the day. Some of the skin types Haut Cosmetics’ Purifying Primer was designed for are oily and combination skin. Online reviews are saying it helps to mattify and hydrate simultaneously. Yes, $59 for a primer is steep, but I’m willing to try anything at this point! My dream is to be blot-free throughout the day. I placed an order at BeauTeaBar and requested a sample of this primer. Fingers crossed!

7. Good jeans are hard to come across. Good skinny, midrise jeans are even harder. I’m interested in trying a pair of Industry Standard’s Simone Midrise denim based on their shape-holding and bag-resistant claims. It doesn’t hurt that they’re affordable and made in the U.S. (much like my favorite v-neck supplier, Everlane!) I’m really digging these companies that provide high-quality items without traditional retail mark-ups. Does anyone know of any others I should check out?

8. I’m really bad with coasters and need to get into the habit of using them more often. What better way than with these gorgeous Threshold Agate Coasters from Target? I don’t even think I need this many but I certainly want them all over my house. I saw them in store but haven’t been able to find them online yet. If I end up getting some, I’d love to add some gold leaf to the edges.

Love love love. What are you guys currently lusting after?

P.S. I don’t know if this is good or bad, but I ended up getting 5/9 items from my last wishlist.