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The Lookmatic Experience: Part One / The Warby Parker Experience: Part Five and a Half

September 18, 2012 7 Comments

Since I’m so close to deciding on my Warbys, I started browsing other online eyewear startups out of curiousity. Some had similar Home Try-On programs, some didn’t. They all had Virtual Try-Ons available, but we all know that isn’t quite the same! However, when I saw these Bel Airs on Lookmatic, I was floored:

Don’t they remind you of Warby Parker’s highly coveted, but more importantly, sold out Preston Bellinis?* I know, right?! And they didn’t look half bad on me when I used the Virtual Try-On. So naturally I spent all day researching and waiting for some kind of sign that it was meant to be. It was hard to find photos of the Bel Airs (probably since they’re “new”), but I found someone on Lookmatic’s Facebook who posted a photo of her Pale Pink Bel Airs:

How adorable is she? This totally confirmed that these frames were at least worth the thought of a shot. Unfortunately, Lookmatic doesn’t offer a Home Try-On program, so it seems like a bit of a gamble. Plus, their High Index lenses aren’t completely returnable; they can be returned for exchange credit only. I perused the site for other pretty frames as back-ups in case these wouldn’t work out; I would at least know that exchange credit would go towards something else. And what did I find?

The most adorable cat eye frames (Shelby & Tippi)! I have no idea if I can pull off a cat eye, but a google search tells me a cat eye shape can help soften a square face. That’s enough for me. I can’t utilize the Virtual Try-On feature for these frames, unfortunately. But! Worst comes to worst, I hear Aubrey Plaza is working with Lookmatic on a limited edition collection. Given her effortless cuteness, I’m pretty sure I’d be able to find something from that! So I sat and waited. And thought this all over. Did I really want to order a basically non-returnable pair of frames based on the fact that they resemble a sold out pair I’ve been lemming, while waiting for my third set of Warby Parker Home Try-Ons?

Here is a series of events that happened soon after to sway me so:

1. Lookmatic retweeted my tweet about the Bel Airs, and then replied to it:
2. An hour later, Mindy Kaling tweeted about wearing her Lookmatic Evelyn frames on the Today Show! If Mindy Kaling likes a brand, then I in turn, love it.
3. Lenscrafters was really nice about giving me my pupillary distance. It was the one thing I needed to know to order glasses online and I was afraid they were going to be snobs about releasing that information. But the guy was so nice; he offered me advice on what to specifically look (out) for when ordering online.

4. And then my friend Molly tweeted at me about getting her frames from Lookmatic (the Tippis I’m also interested in!):
SO THESE ALL ADD UP TO ONE BIG SIGN, RIGHT?! That’s what I was thinking, because then this happened:

Oops. But wait! I made sure to find a 20% off coupon code–SPEXY20 (I believe this code is good for all of September), which brought my total down to $132. Which is roughly about how much I’d be spending on a pair of Warby Parkers with High Index lenses, too. I’ve been thinking about ordering two pairs of glasses, and since I’m already 95% sure I’m going to be ordering the WP Clydes, why can’t these be the second pair? I definitely just skipped all the bases with Lookmatic. Now to see if the Bel Airs are a touchdown home run!

So we’ll see! They should ship within a week. My Warby Try-Ons will be here this week too, so expect this “eyewear” post trend to continue.

P.S. Displaying my prescription almost feels like I’m showing you my DNA make up. When someone usually asks how blind I am, I just say, “Blind. Blinder than you.” and I’m usually right.

P.P.S. Those Shelby & Tippi frames are uber cute and I should not be blamed if they eventually become part of my collection, regardless of whether or not these Bel Airs work out. Ahem.

***EDIT: I take back what I said about the Preston Bellinis being sold out. I was clicking links reviewing my post, and I think they’re back in stock! So this happened:

I swear they were sold out before I ordered the Lookmatics. They weren’t at the showroom this weekend and the associate confirmed they were sold out and that, “once they’re gone, they’re gone!” Double oops. Oh well! I made sure to nab ’em right away. I don’t want to risk them being out of stock again! I’m not sure if these will work out; maybe BOTH the crystal frames I spontaneously ordered today won’t, but at least I won’t be wondering!


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    Courtney Adler

    September 24, 2012

    i really like the WB bellini’s best! i can’t wait to see them on you! i wish i could try them on, too! haha

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      September 25, 2012

      Aren’t they to die for?! I have the Bel Airs now, but the prescriptions in my lenses were accidentally swapped! I have to send them back but I’m waiting for those Bellinis to make sure I don’t want to try the cat eyes. 😉

      Girl, why don’t you get a Home Try-On? It’s free!

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    February 13, 2013

    You have no idea how helpful this post is to me. I am an avid WP fan (Sandalwood Matte in Fillmore and another different frame on the way) – but they don’t seem to have any cateye. I’ve been trying to decide all evening on taking a risk on high-index glasses (whether they’ll be comparable) from Lookmatic. Specifically the Tippi or the Shelby! Still deciding…:)

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      February 13, 2013

      I am so happy that this was helpful! May I also suggest Bonlook and Rivet & Sway (the Spitfire, specifically)? Sorry to add to your options, but I can totally understand your researching. 🙂 Let me know what you decide!

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    September 27, 2013

    Worst experience with this company. I ordered the at home try on. Chose five glasses, and only two arrived. All that came in the UPS box, was a black case with two glasses. The invoice and return label was missing. Then when checking the tracking for the other box/glasses, the company placed the same tracking info on them, so I have no way of knowing where the order is. They already charged my account $50 even though they said it would be a hold. My account has been charged and the funds have been removed. I have had the glasses for a total on 3 hours and will send them back right away in the morning. This company needs to get their act together and be a bit more truthful and professional.

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      October 1, 2013

      I’m so sorry to hear that! I wrote this post before they had a home try-on program, so I can’t comment on that. My experience with them was positive and I can’t say enough about their customer service. I’m so sorry to hear about your experience. 🙁