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The Warby Parker Experience: Part Four

September 2, 2012 5 Comments

They’re here, they’re here again! My second set of Home Try-Ons arrived, and is it possible? Do I love these even more than the last? I THINK I DO. This time around, the Zaggs remained in the top two, and a surprising discovery: the Coltons are adorbs.

I’ve been planning a visit to the Warby Parker showroom to go with a family gathering in San Francisco. The family event was pushed back from last Saturday to yesterday, so you can imagine how anxious I’ve been. The boyf and I drove down early to allow an ample amount of time for glasses photos. I pretty much cried when I saw this after driving for two hours:

So I didn’t get to try on my Preston Bellinis. Major sadface that morning, but my boyfriend did a good job of cheering me up with a cream cheese bagel & fruit for brunch. I may be able to make it back out to SF next weekend, hopefully. For now, here are more frames to fill the void!

If you remember, I tried these Zaggs on in Tennessee Whiskey and got the “safety goggles” vibe. These feel much better, but I’m still not 100% on ’em. My rafiki says they match my hair, but heaven forbid I ever tire of the ombré trend. I compared them to my current frames, and they’re a tad rounder and bigger (my boyfriend says more feminine), but pretty darn similar in shape. I’d still like to try these on in Striped Chestnut.

This Striped Evergreen is gorgeous, but as Trina said, they have somewhat of a “Katie Holmes” effect in that the top droops down like sad eyes. I don’t want to live my life regretting not doing The Dark Knight, so these might be a no.

The bridge on these Webbs is too thick for my face. I also think I’m not the biggest fan of the matte finish. These are cute and simple, but not for me.

I gave Tennessee Whiskey another try, but I still get “safety goggles” unfortunately. These almost feel like a superimposed unibrow. I would love to see what face shape these would suit best.

Hands down, my current faves. I love the thick temples/arms. I even love the color. Whiskey Tortoise: Be still my heart. I’m a little concerned that they may be too narrow on my face, but people I supposedly trust say they aren’t. So I trust them. I don’t want to say I’ve found the ones because I still want to try on the rest of the frames at the actual showroom but, these are the ones pretty damn close.

What do you guys think? How about compared to my first set of Home Try-Ons?

September 2, 2012


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    September 2, 2012

    The Colton and Zaggs look great on you! I actually just ordered my second batch of Warby Parker home try-ons. My family also said the Zagg looked good on me, but I want to check out some more frames before I commit… you know what I mean? lol. You’re making me regret not ordering the Coltons! They look great on you! Let us know which pair you choose 🙂

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      September 6, 2012

      Totally know what you mean. Definitely can’t stop at just one, heh. I’m still planning to go back to the showroom! Let me know what you decide on too 🙂

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    September 3, 2012

    Cooolllllllttttooooonnnnnnnnnnnnn! And I would have died if I had rolled up to that shop after all that waiting.

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    September 15, 2012

    lovin’ the becketts!

    I have a new blog to stalk! Yay for May!