Not Safe For May

We’re at that point in October where you should have a pretty good idea of what you’re dressing up as for Halloween. If not pretty good, then a couple of “possibles.” I’ve seen some pretty good 2012-centric costume ideas thus far (Gotye, 50 Shades of Grey, and the Bane mask on virtually anything). Here is a checklist of things you should think about while assembling your costume!

1. Nails – Just never forget these, ever. Plain jane nails may not break a costume, but themed nails that go along with the rest of your outfit can make one. Same goes for toesies.
2. Setting Spray – If you’re going for a heavily made-up look be it zombie or the Queen of Hearts, you don’t want all your hard work to fade/slide off once you get into your trick-or-treatin’ groove. I love Urban Decay’s De-Slick, but any setting spray (or toner!) should help extend the longevity of your make up.
3. False Eyelashes – Not for everyone, but if you’re going for glam this year, this is the day to do it.
4. Accessory Storage – Does your character carry a bag? If he/she did, what kind of bag? Do you have pockets? Think about where you’ll be storing your phone/keys/lippies.
5. Emergency Stash – Bring safety pins. Trust me, you never know what can happen. If you’re super into covering your bases, a needle and thread, Hollywood tape, and maybe some comfort shoe cushions if you plan on dancing.
6. First Impression – How do you want people to absorb the awesomeness that is your costume first? Consider taking on a voice, a pose, or an action to really give these folks the full costume experience.
7. Photo Op Poses – If you know you’re going to be photographed, have no shame and practice costume-appropriate poses in your mirror. If you’re dressing up as sexy _____, practice your duck lips. You don’t want to look unprepared, do you? Have your poses ready so that when you look back on that Facebook album next year, you’ll think, “Man, I’m awesome.”

Of course, don’t get so lost in the details that you stress yourself out–Halloween is a day to pretend you’re someone/something you’re not, binge on candy, and have fun! I’d love to hear any other tips you guys have for costume preparation!


Mayette Villanueva is a California-based natural beauty & style blogger.