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What I Want To Happen in 2013

December 31, 2012 3 Comments


Let’s not call them resolutions, shall we? The word “resolution” holds  a certain accountability to it. How about, just things that I’d like to happen next year?

More DIY-ing.
I really enjoyed making DIY gifts this Christmas (more to come on this). And since my parents got me a sewing machine, I’d like to make it a point to do more DIY projects! Hopefully my Pinterest account will be bursting with ideas. Overall, I’d just like to be more creative. I recently discovered loads of art supplies stashed away since high school. It’s like I went to college for four years and forgot how to draw. Not next year! …hopefully.

Practice smarter shopping.
I realize that this blog thrives on my frivolous purchases, but lately I’ve been feeling more “mature” about shopping. I’ll refrain from holding onto something during a shopping trip, and if I think about it before I leave, then I’ll get it. If I don’t? Then maybe I never wanted it that bad after all. I will not, however, refrain from building a collection of classic wardrobe items. I’d mostly like to stick to things that I know I’ll get more use out of. A lot of this is going to fall on my spontaneous nail polish purchases; I have a lot of polishes I have never even opened. I want to invest my money in things I’ll definitely use for a long time. Like yoga pants.

Save for big events.
There are a couple of big events I’d like to save up for next year. In July, there’s Comic-Con. In December, a possible trip to Disneyland and Christmas shopping. I used a lot of my bonus on Christmas gifts this year, so I’d like to get to a point where that bonus can be just that: spent on frivolous, “bonus” items. Really, I’d just like to be more prepared should an important event come up. I’m not the best at saving, so I’d like to work on that.

Learn to cook.
Even just one thing. One thing that I didn’t know how to make in 2012. Hopefully learning to cook will help me… *pause for dramatic effect*

Eat Smarter.
I don’t want to rule out chicken nuggets altogether, but I’m talking baby steps. After Lent last year, I only drank soda on the weekends. I want to maybe see if I can only drink soda once in a while. Maybe replace it with iced tea or something.

Read more.
Finally, I don’t want to forget how to read. I can’t remember the last time I’ve read a book from cover to cover (I’d bet my money on a play in college, though). I’ve been holding out on reading because I want to get an iPad mini and lazily read on that thing. Because if you buy a hardcover book, you can’t read it on your iPad without buying the iPad version of said book. That’s like, a waste of money, right? I guess what I’m really trying to say is that I want to buy an iPad mini.



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    I adore your hair in this post! xo