Not Safe For May


We’re officially at the half-way point in the year. I always find it amusing to see people so gung-ho about their resolutions in January, and then watch them not hold themselves accountable for the rest of the year.

So, I’m holding myself accountable by putting all of this on the interwebz. How have I been doing with my resolutions the things I wanted to happen this year? Here’s an update!

1. More DIY-ing.
That sewing machine I got for Christmas is still in its box. I’m sad to admit that. I have, however, conquered painting an IKEA Tarva dresser (that I still haven’t posted about yet–sorry!). That took a few weekends and it was so satisfying when it was finished! Other than that, I’ve been sketching, learning fake calligraphy, and painting with my Peerless watercolors; I’d like to do all of that more. I even made a new header image by hand!

2. Practice smarter shopping.
I’ve actually made some good progress on this one. It took a few months to get into the swing of thinking long and hard about whether or not I needed that thing, but I feel confident to say that I’ve gotten better about this. I’ve had one or two desperation hauls, but I don’t think I’ve purchased one bottle of nail polish (Birchbox has me covered there), or another pair of yoga pants. Go me!

3. Save for big events.
This has actually not happened so much. I have been better about budgeting now that I’ve gotten used to living alone, but I’ve still got a lot of work to do to be financially smarter.

4. Learn to cook.
I can cook bacon. I’m not as terrified of an oven as I used to be. I’ve made a few easy things like pasta, grilled cheese, etc. but HEY! That’s a big deal for me!

5. Eat Smarter.
I feel in control of my soda cravings! I know when I can treat myself to a glass of soda. Most days I only drink water. I used to think that was impossible. Believe me–it’s not! I came to the realization that it’s wasteful to drink my calories. Unless it’s via a green smoothie. I’ve made a few of those too; I’d like to continue doing that. I recently stocked up on “easy to eat” food because having my wisdom teeth taken out limited my options. I’m frugal too now, so I’m trying to finish all that junk while still balancing it out with healthier snacks like cucumbers & almond butter, yogurt parfaits, fruit, etc. Baby steps!

6. Read more.
Well, I still don’t have an iPad Mini so my brain cannot justify buying a new book. I seriously have not read one book all year. I’ve read some Sailor Moon manga though, does that count? What is this? I think “Read more.” is turning into “Save up for an iPad Mini so I can do cool things like read more.”

I’m not going to get down on myself about the lack of progress on some of these things, because I’m really proud of the progress that I have made. There are still six more months in the year and I’ve got plenty of time to keep improving. I’ve also started other things not part of this list like working out more regularly, being more honest, and accepting myself for who I am (that sounds sappy).

How are you doing with your resolutions?


Mayette Villanueva is a California-based natural beauty & style blogger.