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H&M Home, Please

August 2, 2013 5 Comments

I know I’m not the only one overjoyed that US online ordering is now available at What I didn’t know is that H&M has a Home department! I don’t have a wide variety of linens, bed or bathroom, so I got super excited when I found a few Pinteresting items. My faves:

H&M Home Wishlist

1. Hand Towel // 2. Linen Pillowcase // 3. Duvet Set // 4. Bath Towel // 5. 2-Pack Guest Towels // 6. Shower Curtain // 7. Lacy Cushion Cover // 8. Velvet Cushion Cover // 9. Bath Mat // 10. Satin Cushion Cove

This makes me want to redecorate my entire apartment. It also makes me miss having a tub! I think I’ll be getting at least one of those pillow covers soon.

I haven’t even looked through the actual apparel; I know that I’m much more likely to break out my card for clothing/accessories so I’m trying to be strong.

What are you lemming from


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    November 2, 2013

    I want a furry lined jacket/coat. Not real fur of course. Can you find me one? I can’t sleep. ahhahah