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What I Want to Happen in 2014
Looking back at 2013, I did about half of what I wanted to carry out. If you ask me if I’m disappointed in myself, I’ll tell you that I’m really not. Yes, I wanted all of those things to happen to their fullest, but in actuality I did a little bit of everything on that list. Some of it, I’m still practicing (definitely not the reading, although I did manage to score an iPad Mini in 2013). I think I did pretty good! So, new year = new list!

Blog more.
This is probably evident in the five-month hiatus I took from blogging. I became uninspired and my MacBook got really slow. I’m gradually getting back into catching up on my daily Bloglovin’ feed, pinning frequently, and I got a new iMac! Problem solved, right? We’ll see! I have actually been thinking of re-naming my blog to jumpstart some inspiration. Still in the works!

Save more.
An oldie, but a goodie. My bank has a Christmas-planning program that will take a percentage of my direct deposits and save them in a savings account, where the funds won’t be released until November. That’s like, forceful saving, but I’m going to do it! It’ll make the holiday season much easier.

Start paying off debt.
I’ve been lucky enough to have my student loans in forbearance for four years, but I think it’s time to start paying up. I think I’m finally at a point where I can get this adult-ball rolling. I’d also like to start paying off my credit card. I suppose it’ll be difficult to save & pay off debt at the same time, but I’m sure I can figure out a way to do both and still be fabulous.

I can stand to use an oven now, which is a huge improvement compared to 2013. Living alone has forced me to eat in ways I never knew possible. Did you know that pasta will last you almost a week? I do, now! I have a bunch of yummy, health-conscious recipes pinned that I’d like to take a crack at.

Go green.
Having sensitive skin is a bummer. Dealing with flare-ups sucks big time. So, I’ve decided to slowly transition to a greener beauty/skin regimen. I’m still using my “dirty” products until I can find “cleaner” alternatives, and I don’t plan on replacing every single thing. I mean, can I really throw my Naked palettes away? I’m not going to be super strict on myself and set all these elitist restrictions (at least, I’m not there yet) — I want to go green because I’m tired of dealing with breakouts and clogged pores. I am, however, super excited to have discovered so many greener options (*cough* *cough)! I am in full sampling mode.

Create a space I love.
Oh, did I mention I moved again? Well I did. And I am so in love with my new place. I didn’t try very hard with my last apartment; some of the walls were an icky forest green. It was always cluttered and I didn’t enjoy being there. This year, I am determined to make my home my favorite place to be. I have so many decor inspiration pins, my studio better watch out!

What I Want to Happen in 2014

I’ll touch base in June to ‘fess up on how I’m doing! I hope your new year is going famously.


Mayette Villanueva is a California-based natural beauty & style blogger.

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    February 8, 2014

    It’s nice to have realistic and reachable goals, love number 5 (wink wink) 😉 I’m still experimenting with various green beauty brands and I’m also making my own products. Best wishes for your goals 🙂