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OOTD: Roots and Boots

February 22, 20150 Comments
OOTD: Roots & Boots

There are a few things I would like to talk about in this post: 1. I have purple hair now. All of it started off as dark purple (see Instagram) and now it’s fading into this orchid ombre. It’s been about 2 months since my last salon visit (hence the roots) so I actually need to decide what’s next before next month’s appointment: more purple, lighter, ecaille? 2. After months of searching, I found the perfect faux leather moto jacket with gold hardware. I actually found an equally perfect real leather one shortly afterwards, but that’s another post for a different day. I’m actually considering getting rid of this one now. 3. I cleaned out my closet like you wouldn’t believe. I have a new vision for what I want it to look like, and this new dress/jacket combo is part of it. Neutral, classic, and versatile. 4. My boyfriend got me a beautiful 50mm lens for Valentine’s Day so we played with it over the weekend!

Happy Halloween!

October 31, 20142 Comments
Happy Halloween!

I love any excuse to dress up. Today, my BFF Trina and I finally won the office costume contest after almost three years of trying. This year our costume was based on an office inside joke, but I wanted to share our pride and joy with you. Here are some previous costumes of ours too, so you’ll know just how many things a tall redhead and a short asian girl can be together:

OOTD: Springtime Polka Dots

April 16, 20131 Comments
OOTD: Springtime Polka Dots

It’s here! It’s finally here! It’s time to break out those dresses, ladies. This OOTD features items I’ve loved for awhile, but does include my new Vince Camuto tote. The mint is perfect for Spring! I’ve been using it non-stop because in my mind, mint goes with everything. If you think this looks familiar, mayhaps […]

OOTD: It’s Always Sunny at the Gas Station

January 18, 20130 Comments
OOTD: It's Always Sunny at the Gas Station

I recently caught up on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which by the way if you haven’t seen, is one of the best shows on television right now. Thank you Netflix, for providing me with my binge show during my two weeks off from work. In the spirit of Charlie Kelly, here is an OOTD […]