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Lately on Instagram

January 24, 20132 Comments
Activewear, Kate Spade, bangs supplies, oh my!

1. Boyf and me being super pretty. 2. January = Activewear sales galore! Except I’m pretty sure the pants are sleepwear. 3. My first pair of Hunter boots in Cafe Latte. I love them so much. The buckle is gold–dead. 4. Bangs supplies. I’ve recently added a mini flatiron into the mix; still trying to […]

Lately on Instagram

December 12, 20122 Comments
Lately on Instagram

1. Aerie sent me some sweet goodies after seeing my New Arrivals post. This knit faux fur snood is amazing! 2. Being sick, a big plate of fruit has become a frequent breakfast. 3. The Madewell Bulldog Ring from my November Favorites. Isn’t it adorable?! Seriously can’t stop wearing it. 4. Glitter tape at Michael’s, just because. 5. This fork was […]

Lately on Instagram

November 26, 20120 Comments

[threecol_one] [/threecol_one] [threecol_one] [/threecol_one] [threecol_one_last] [/threecol_one_last] [threecol_one][/threecol_one] [threecol_one][/threecol_one] [threecol_one_last][/threecol_one_last] 1. My brother’s girlfriend’s family makes the coolest rainbow jello. Tastiest, too. 2. I’ve been sketching lately, trying to come up with a logo. 3. You best believe I bought this pea coat from Old Navy. Also in yellow. The dress is from American Eagle, but I haven’t gotten […]

Lately on Instagram

November 3, 20120 Comments

     1. My boyfriend’s roommate’s mom’s dog (whew!), Elmo, having a moment with an apple. 2. My mom asked me to teach her how to curl her hair with a curling iron. 3. I just about died when I saw this Sephora Cinderella Collection Mirror Compact. Had to have it. And now I do. 4. Not gonna lie, I […]

Lately on Instagram

October 19, 20120 Comments

     1. My new H&M flats match the shell of a drum my boyf is building. 2. Panty charms at Victoria’s Secret. I imagine that the girls who buy this are the same girls who wear shoes with feathers on them. 3. I came in to work on a Saturday alone. Empty office, but I got to sing […]