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November Wishlist

November 15, 20150 Comments

Happy November, guys! If you haven’t noticed, NSFM is getting a bit of a face lift. I don’t know why I only seem compelled to blog in the Fall/Winter (seriously, check my archives), but I guess that’s just how it is. How about we celebrate this return by talking about things that I want?

October Wishlist

October 26, 20146 Comments
May's October Wishlist

1. I recently cleaned out my stash of toxic nail polish, so I’m looking to re-build. Aila Cosmetics seems like a good place to start. Their Prime Basecoat and Better Than Gel Topcoat have great reviews. The shade PFFF UGGGH is pretty warm grey-taupe that looks similar to All Hail The Queen by Butter London (sans […]

H&M Home, Please

August 2, 20135 Comments
H&M Home Wishlist

I know I’m not the only one overjoyed that US online ordering is now available at What I didn’t know is that H&M has a Home department! I don’t have a wide variety of linens, bed or bathroom, so I got super excited when I found a few Pinteresting items. My faves: 1. Hand […]