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The Warby Parker Experience: Part Two

August 20, 20128 Comments
The Warby Parker Experience: Part Two

They’re here! They’re here! And now for the second installment of my hunt for the perfect Warby Parker frames! If you would like to read about ordering my home try-ons, check out Part One. The frames I received were definitely worth more than $95 a pop. The quality matched that of a typical $250 pair of designer frames. I was very happy with my try-ons! Shall we?

Lately on Instagram

August 16, 20120 Comments

   1. Found this cute Bambi sweater at Target. How could I not?! 2. My first Smashburger. Oh my god.3. The first fruits of my new Pinterest account. A girl at Sephora recognized it!4. My LC Lauren Conrad haul. Couldn’t put this dress back.5. Painting Hello Kitty’s face is ridiculously hard, if anyone was wondering.6. My Warby […]

The Warby Parker Experience: Part One

August 9, 20123 Comments
The Warby Parker Experience: Part Two

If you aren’t in the know, Warby Parker basically has the coolest specs around. When I first saw their frames, I instantly thought, “This is the thing that will make me just like Rashida Jones!” They’ve got super cute vintage-style frames for both men and women that basically any hipster would die for. The best part? All their glasses are $95, including prescription lenses (+$30 for high index lenses for blinder bats like me). Their sunglasses are $150 with prescription lenses, and $95 without. The even bester part? When you buy a pair, they provide a pair to someone in need. They’re practically the Toms of eyewear. Now I’ve purchased my fair share of designer frames and dropped around $400 for one pair (I once bought two different ones at the same time, solely for matching outfit purposes, because I guess that’s the kind of person I am). So this sounds like heaven to me. Hell, when I told my mom about WP, she said I may as well buy two pairs because it’s so cheap! But I don’t think they’re cheap-cheap, iykwim. I’ve only heard good things about the quality and construction of WP frames. I finally pulled the trigger and ordered 5 frames to try on at home! Shipping both ways is totally free. How could you not?

Music Issue: The Early November

August 8, 20120 Comments
Image courtesy of Lindsey Byrnes via

The Early November have been one of my favorite bands since high school. I was finally able to see them live on their reunion tour this past June, and all of my 16 year-old dreams were fulfilled. Their latest release, “In Currents,” is hands down one of the best albums I’ve heard in a very […]

Lately on Instagram

July 30, 20121 Comments

     1. My first attempt at the chevron nail design. 2. Ombre hair care on a budget.3. Out with the old, in with the new and on sale!4. The Cheesecake Factory’s Pizza & Salad lunch is humongous.5. Heavenly Cupcakes in downtown San Diego.6. Spotted at Comic-Con: There’s a Gossip Girl Manga?  (I’m making a […]