Not Safe For May

OOTD: Garden Angel

July 28, 20120 Comments

My first Outfit of the Day! I wanted to show you all the Garden Angel that I truly am. It’s about 92 degrees in Sacramento, so I opted for something light and flowy to ensure maximum air flow all around, iykwim.

Mineral Makeup Sampling: Alima Pure

May 11, 20123 Comments

As most ladies know, the foundation search is never over. Ever since a recent burning encounter with a clipless curling iron and some hydrogen peroxide, my skin has been up in arms; anything and everything will irritate it. Which is why I’ve decided to start exploring mineral makeup again. I used to use Bare Minerals […]

Zoya Blogger Collection 2012

April 27, 20124 Comments

So of course I had to order this collection, it’s ~exclusive to Birchbox~. When anything’s “exclusive,” I automatically want it. And it shipped free! I also had 100 Birchbox points laying around, so I got this for $12 flat. The shipping was super fast, might I add. I ordered it when it was released Monday […]

Channeling My Inner Kardashian

April 18, 20126 Comments

So I’m not Armenian or recently divorced, but I am 5’2″ and obsessed with nail polish. I recently went through two awful manicures within a week, became deeply depressed, created a Google doc of nail polish colors I wanted (to determine what store had it for the cheapest), and easily spent $60 on nail polish. […]

Lent: Here We Go Again

February 21, 20123 Comments

If you’re Catholic like me, then you’ve already decided on what awful habit you’re going to be giving up for Lent. For the last few years, I’ve given up soda. It’s my fail-safe… just difficult and tempting enough to warrant a healthy break. Is that how Lent works? Anyway, come midnight Holy Thursday, I’ve got […]