Not Safe For May

My Fool-Proof Plan to Get Fit in 2012

January 30, 20124 Comments

By now, all the “resolutioners” have probably had it with the gym. Here’s where I come in. I have spent all of January planning to plan to get fit. What does that mean? Planning the individual steps that will set my six-pack in motion. Here are the steps I have been taking to make all […]

The Evil that is JewelMint

January 24, 20122 Comments

Can we please talk about this awful site that has tempted my paycheck multiple times a month almost once a month? JewelMint is the first of many e-commerce sites owned by BeachMint. Since its launch, there are now other mints to satisfy your materialistc cravings–StyleMint, ShoeMint, and the one I don’t particularly care for, BeautyMint. […]