Not Safe For May

January Wishlist + Announcement!

January 30, 20143 Comments
May's January Wishlist

I admire those of you nearing the end of your January No-Buy. I, however, am not as strong. I was a sample fiend this month. Like, paid samples. As much sampling as I did, I did make two significant purchases this month: a 21″ iMac and the new Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation (both of which […]

What I Want To Happen in 2014

January 16, 20141 Comments
What I Want to Happen in 2014

Looking back at 2013, I did about half of what I wanted to carry out. If you ask me if I’m disappointed in myself, I’ll tell you that I’m really not. Yes, I wanted all of those things to happen to their fullest, but in actuality I did a little bit of everything on that […]

H&M Home, Please

August 2, 20135 Comments
H&M Home Wishlist

I know I’m not the only one overjoyed that US online ordering is now available at What I didn’t know is that H&M has a Home department! I don’t have a wide variety of linens, bed or bathroom, so I got super excited when I found a few Pinteresting items. My faves: 1. Hand […]

Comic-Con Cosplaying 2012 + 2013

July 17, 20130 Comments
Dr. Krieger and his Virtual Girlfriend / Credit: G4

The geek time is upon us–my yearly vacation is finally here! I’ve been going to San Diego Comic-Con since 2008, but never started dressing up until last year. My boyfriend and I dipped our toes into the cosplay pond with Recess & Archer, and I dressed up additionally as Hello Kitty. It was so much […]

Blog Sale

July 8, 2013

***Please see my Poshmark closet for more recent listings!*** I have accumulated a lot of stuff recently. Be it Birchbox samples, swap items, or products I don’t reach for anymore. I figure, before I throw this stuff away, why not try to give them new homes, right?! A few guidelines: All prices listed in USD. […]